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Techking has been also serving OE partners


Gateway Ventures CA Ltd is the exclusive distributor for Techking OTR Radial Tires.
Gateway is determined to be a professional OTR tires solution provider. Techking attaches the greatest importance to product quality through building partnership with best-in-class suppliers. Our partner Techking sources all its steel cord from Bekaert of Belgium, the natural rubber only from Malaysia or Thailand origin, only SMR grade and the carbon black only from Cabot, USA.

Techking Off-road Radial Tires

With the products sold to 55 countries in the world, TECHKING Tires Limited has been proving its commitment and capability with many influential overseas partners. TECHKING has been also serving OE partners such as Moxy (Norway), Bell (South Africa), Liebherr (Germany), Vogele (Germany) and JungbMaskin (Sweden).

(Meta) Description: Gateway provides a whole range of Techking Off-the-road (OTR) Radial Tires for use in mines, quarries, industrial handling or port machinery….etc. (Underground service, loader and dozers service, grader service, earthmover service, cranes & special vehicle, mining truck service, port & industrial service.

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Techking OTR Radial Tires are used in Mining (open-pit, underground) and Construction.



The official and exclusive representative of the plant «Techking Tires Limited» LLP is “Gateway Ventures CA Ltd”. Techking offers the most complete product line of large-sized tires and truck tires designed for loaders, bulldozers, articulated and rigid – articulated dump trucks, cranes, port and mining equipment.

In Kazakhstan, the tire TECHKING for 6 years, have earned the trust of many companies, such as LLP “Kazakhmys Corporation”, JSC “FIC Alel», LLP «Altyntau Kokshetau», JSC “Varvarinskoe”, JSC “AK Altynalmas” and many others. In our list of customers to whom we supply our tires there are more than 500 companies. For such a short time Techking tires have proven themselves as the tires of good quality and prices of the largest companies in Kazakhstan. To provide service and maintenance, we provide consulting, training, monitoring, representatives of the plant, as well as improved models (quality) of the tire specifications to which they apply. So how do you know that in different operating conditions, the tires show themselves in different ways, i.e., divergence of tires is different. In the case of factory defect, the recovery of Techking tires guaranteed by the plant manufacturer.

We provide OTR tires for loaders, dump trucks, earthmovings, graders

TBR tires for trucks, for buses, for trailers

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  • TBR – Truck and Bus Bias Tires
  • OTR – Off-the-Road Tires
  • Tyre Protector